made to order

Each uniquely crafted, preserved moss art is made to order.

To purchase, select an art design, frame color, and frame size from one of my collections. Then, I will create your moss art and ship directly to your home.

Pair multiple frame shapes, designs, & sizes


Bring unique forests inside with this preserved moss art collection. 

for your home

These art frames can be displayed anywhere except for areas that get physically wet (next to a bathroom vanity is okay).

Choose a statement piece for a bathroom, a gallery wall for a main room, and/or a moss mini for above a light switch.

The start

Solid Moss Co. started out of a passion for connecting friends with maintenance-free nature in their homes.


Common questions

What will I receive in the mail?

You will receive a moss art with the same frame size, frame color, and art style you selected in checkout. No art piece is identical to the images online, and every art frame is a unique, signed original.

I hand craft each moss art after purchase and use the same mosses, moss colors, and art design, however there will be slight differences among each moss piece due to using different, uniquely shaped pieces of moss.

Is your art hang ready?

Yes, all of my frames are hang ready.

When you purchase, you will receive a moss art wrapped in plastic with a sawtooth hanger, bumpers (so it hangs straight), and a description of the moss types used.

Does it need water?

No, don't water your moss art. The moss I use is preserved, meaning it does not need water or sunlight.

Mosses are preserved differently depending on the moss type, however most common mosses (including reindeer moss) are preserved with glycerin and coloring. All of the preserved mosses are people and pet safe.

Is there maintenance?

My moss collections are maintenance-free. Hang your moss art up on the wall and leave it alone (just like a painting).

Does it shed?

Your moss art will shed small pieces in shipping. Brush the small pieces off your frame, hang the art on your wall, and your moss art is good to go!

If you have small kids in your house, keep the moss art out of reach.

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